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Inspire School of Arts & Sciences is proud to participate in the Advanced Placement program. The Advanced Placement (AP) program is owned by CollegeBoard and they have very specific guidelines that are required of all the participating schools around the country, including the cost, dates and times of the exams.  The AP program is meant to be a standardized measure of a student’s knowledge base in specific content areas.  It is also intended to provide high school students with an opportunity to experience a college level curriculum.  Research strongly supports the hypothesis that a college-like experience in high school leads to greater success in college as measured by GPA, years to complete college, and college completion.

Inspire School of Arts & Sciences offers the following AP courses;

AP Calculus AB                                                         AP Spanish Language and Culture

AP United States History                                        AP Biology

AP English Language & Composition                  AP English Literature & Composition

AP United States Government & Politics             AP Statistics

There are many benefits to participating in the AP program.  It is our position that every student needs to assess his academic status and academic goals and balance these with personal priorities.  We encourage all students to pursue rigorous and challenging high school curricula that will allow them to grow towards their potential and make them stronger candidates when applying to college. 

The benefits of participating in the AP Program includes

- an acquisition of a deeper understanding and knowledge base of the subject matter

- an enhanced college candidacy through willingness to challenge themselves with the

            most rigorous courses offered at Inspire.

- an overt demonstration of ability to be successful in a college level class

            - the potential to earn college credit which leads to less out-of-pocket expenses and a

            shorter college career

- an improvement of GPA, class rank and potential for financial reward. 

We at Inspire understand the need to maintain a balanced life.  We believe that a balanced life includes academic challenges; the AP program provides this opportunity in a safe and supportive environment.  With that in mind, we encourage all of our students to participate in at least one AP class during their high school career.

If you have any further questions about the AP program at Inspire please contact the Counseling Office.  If you have any questions of the CollegeBoard in regards to the AP Program please search them on the web at

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