Butte College Concurrent Enrollment

Butte College Concurrent Enrollment - High School Students taking Butte College Classes

As a high school student you may take a class/s at Butte College either outside of the school day or during the winter/summer breaks. To be eligible you must apply on-line to Butte College and file a Concurrent Enrollment Form with Butte College. See your counselor for a Concurrent Enrollment Form.

Winter Session: January 3rd, through January 20th, 2017

Spring Session: January 23rd through May 26th, 2017

For Priority Registration:

  • Concurrent Enrollment Forms for Winter 2017 session and Web Registration must be received by Thursday, December 8th.
  • Concurrent Enrollment Forms for the Spring 2017 session and Web Registration must be received by Friday, January 13th.

Fee Policy - Students will have 7 days from the time of registration to pay fees or they may be dropped from one or more classes.

 To see the Butte College Schedule and apply on-line go to the Butte College Website at www.butte.edu/services/admissions/apply.html

Concurrent Enrollment Program at Butte College

The Concurrent Enrollment program allows students to supplement their high school education by attending Butte College courses. Credits earned through the program may be used to fulfill high school and college certificate, transfer, or graduation requirements.


If you are interested in enrolling in this program follow these simple steps:

  1. Apply online or you may pick up a paper application at one of the Campus locations.
  2. Obtain a Concurrent Enrollment Permission Form from the following:
    • Your school counseling/principal's office OR
    • The Butte College Office of Admissions and Records OR
    • The Butte College Chico Center OR
    • The Butte College Glenn County Center
  3. Select the course(s) you wish to take.
    • Consult with your parent (s), your school counselor and/or principal. It is advisable to select alternate courses in the event that the courses you select are closed. New or revised forms will not be accepted once the term begins.
  4. Assessment
    • If taking courses in math, reading, or English, you must complete the pre-enrollment Butte College assessment testing requirement. For more information on assessment requirements, consult the Butte College Catalog, the assessment web page or call the Assessment Office at (530) 895-2350.
  5. Complete the Concurrent Enrollment Permission Form.
    • The form must be signed by your parent, the K-12 school counselor, and the school principal.
  6. Submit the completed Concurrent Enrollment Permission form for reviewin person or by mail by the posted deadline prior to your registration date to:
    • Butte College Welcome Center
    • Butte College Chico Center
    • Butte College Glenn County Center
    • Deadlines are posted here
  7. Registration
    • Once you have received an approved form signed by the appropriate Butte College representative, proceed with the registration process. Concurrent enrollment students register through Butte College's online MyBC registration process. Consult your school counselor or the Butte College web site to obtain the date and time for your registration. Your completed Concurrent Enrollment Permission form must be approved and processed prior to registering for a course(s). This qualifies you for reduced fees available to K-12 students.
  8. Pay
    • You will have 7 days from the time of registration to do one of the following:
    • Pay fees in full.Create a fee payment plan online.
    • For further information please reference our FAQ web page
  9. Transcripts
    • If you are completing the course to obtain high school credit, you must have transcripts sent to your high school. Arrange to have transcripts sent by submitting a Butte College "Request for Transcripts Form" to the Office of Admissions and Records prior to the end of the semester.

Please direct questions to the Butte College Office of Admissions & Records, (530) 895-2361.


K-12 concurrent enrollment is limited to 11 units maximum in the Fall and Spring terms and 10 units maximum in the Summer term.

The law limits the number of K-12 students enrolled in each section of a physical activity class. Approval for concurrent enrollment in a physical education class does not guarantee you will be selected to enroll in that class.

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