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Inspire School of Arts & Sciences, in conjunction with Butte College, offers seniors an opportunity to register for their first semester of college through a program called Reg2Go. By completing each part of a three-step process, students will have their first semester of college classes in place prior to graduating from high school.  Seniors who fail to complete any step of this program will delay the class registration process until after high school graduation.

Step 1:     Apply to Butte College

On Thursday, January 12th Butte College Representatives will visit Inspire during Advisory, all Seniors will meet together in IC15. On Tuesday, January 17th Butte college Representatives will return during Advisory to assist students in the application process. Applications for Butte College can be found at www.butte.edu. 7-10 days after applying students receive an email from Butte with their Butte College Identification Number. 

Step 2:     Take the Butte College Assessment Test   

After applying to Butte, and receiving a Butte College ID #, students will need to sign up for the Basic Skills Assessment with Ms. Becraft. This test establishes basic skill placement levels in Reading, English and Math.  The assessment test will be offered at Inspire on Tuesday, February 14th. Students will receive call slips when it is their time to test - all Reg2Go students must take this test prior to going on the orientation trip to Butte.

Step 3:     Orientation and Registration

On Friday, April 21st from 8:00 until 1:45, students will travel by school bus to Butte College for a day-long visit.  They will tour the campus and sign up for their Fall 2017 college classes. Students should pack a lunch or bring money for the cafeteria.



What is Reg2Go and Who is it For:

The Reg2Go program allows high school seniors to participate in orientation, assessment, counseling, and registration at Butte College prior to the end of their senior year. The program is designed for:

  • High school seniors who may never have considered themselves "college material"
  • High school seniors who know they want to attend Butte College
  • High school seniors who are still weighing their options

The program consists of three elements:

  1. Campus visitations to the high school (November - January)
  2. Assessment (February – April)
  3. Orientation/ Advising and Registration (April - May)

 For more information high school seniors should contact their high school counselor concerning the Reg2Go program or review the student letter below or call the Butte College Welcome Center at (530) 895-2511.

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