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Oct 18


Shoes must be worn on campus AT ALL TIMES. 


Online Health & Credit Recovery students: there is a test after school Thursday in IC15.  If you have a study hall class, you should take it there instead.


Remember to serve your detention within 5 days of being tardy or you will be assigned Saturday School!  Detention can be served after school in IC5 (the art room), or you can make arrangements with another teacher.  1 Tardy = 1 Detention


Do you want to be part of a show at Inspire?  Come to the Audition and Interview WORKSHOP on Thursday October 19th from 3:15-5pm in IC23.  Learn about song choice, monologues, dancing, and interviews.  For more info, contact Jarrah, Shoemaker, or Mrs. Lim.


Ulu-Polynesian team will be meeting this Thursday.


Friday Night Live (FNL) meets every Wednesday at lunch (12:22pm) in room C1 at CHS.  They would love to have Inspire students join!


There will be a Spirit Week the week of October 30th, with days such as Pink Day, Costume Day, Onesie Day, Day of the Dead Day, Fall Colors Day!


Arizona Tea sales have been postponed to next week.


Juniors & Seniors: Are you interested in being a camp counselor for Shady Creek Outdoor School?  Applications will be available in the office SOON!  The deadline to apply is Nov 4, so pay attention to Perch updates!


International Club Meeting October 20th at Lunch in IC-16!! Join us on B day Fridays to celebrate the many different cultures of this school! If you're an exchange student, was born or raised in a different country, or is just interested to explore different cultures, this is the perfect club for you!




Scholarship Alert Seniors:  BE the whale $1,000 dollar scholarship – Deadline for California entries must be post marked by November 1, 2017.  Requirements:

  1. 2D artwork – DO NOT SEND ORGINAL ART WORK. A photo or print of your work on a 8 ½ x 11” paper.
  2. California entry form/agreement- these are in the Inspire office


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