Art Course Descriptions

Art Studio 1-P

College Prep, Grades 9-12, Year-long

Whether drawing comes naturally to you or you struggle to draw a recognizable stick man, if you have a desire to learn how to draw and create visual art, this class is for you! In this course you will learn the basics of creating and speaking the language of Art. We will explore Art through cultures and history to better our artistic appreciation. In this class, we will focus on learning many drawing mediums and styles. Students will also learn artistic composition and design.

Art Studio 2-P

College Prep, Grades 10-12, Year-long

Prerequisite: Art Studio 1  

If you have passed Art 1 and you are excited to learn more, then Art 2 is the class for you! In this course you will be able to develop and improve your use of familiar art techniques and will also be given the opportunity to learn new art mediums and methods. This class will strongly stress conceptual-based art, emphasizing the meanings behind the art work in addition to the technical skill put into the art. Art projects in the course will be more advanced as well as more open. Students will have more freedom when choosing subject matter, artistic style and/or medium(s).

Art Studio 3

Grades 11-12, Year-long 

Prerequisite: Art Studio 2  

This course is designed for serious Art students who are looking for the opportunity to learn and grow at a more independent pace. In this class students will do advanced projects and be allowed to work with the teacher, one-on-one, to create their own specialized projects and curriculum. Students will learn Art and design concepts and techniques while having the freedom to choose their creations’ concepts and mediums. Students will have more impact on the direction of their learning.

Art 4

Grades 11-12, Year-long

Art 4 will be offered every other year, in rotation with Art 3. While the natures of the two classes are similar, the projects will be completely different. Art 4 will also offer deeper projects centering on your own personal style. Students will be challenged with specific problems and will have to solve them visually and artistically. Students will also learn new mediums and spend a significant amount of time on life and gesture drawing. Students will compile work for a digital portfolio.

Ceramics 1-P

College Prep, Grades 9-12, Year-long

This course is intended for those studying ceramics for the first time and also returning clay artists! It is a comprehensive introduction to the art of pottery and clay work with equal emphasis given to the skills of designing and constructing. In this class we will explore hand-building as well as an introduction to the potter's wheel. You will learn to plan, draw, sculpt, and glaze your pottery using a variety of decorative techniques. The primary emphasis is on studio work leading to a diverse portfolio of finished pieces by the end of the semester.

Ceramics 2

Grades 10-12, Year-long

Prerequisite: Ceramics 1
This course is designed for the experienced sculptor and clay artist. In this class, students will develop and improve their clay skills while simultaneously developing their personal style. Students will also dive into wheel throwing, learning new techniques such as centering, pulling, and trimming. Students will have some opportunity to independently create artworks that are a reflection of the techniques taught in class and their own artistic voice. Students will design and create both functional and concept driven artwork. Advanced glazing methods will also be learned.

Ceramics 3

Grades 11-12, Year-long

Prerequisite: Ceramics 2
This course is designed for serious Ceramic students who are looking for the opportunity to learn and grow at a more independent pace. In this class students will do advanced projects and be allowed to work with the teacher, one-on-one, to create their own specialized projects and curriculum. Students will learn ceramic and design concepts and techniques while having the freedom to choose their creations’ concepts and subject matters. Students will be able to choose the direction of their learning while still benefiting from regular lessons and demonstrations.

Digital Photography

Grades 9-12, Year-long

Come explore the world of digital photography! This course provides an introduction to the fascinating technology that is catapulting the photographic world. We'll discuss the basics of digital photography, equipment, software, Internet and e-mail use, along with commercial and personal applications. Whether you're new to photography or a long-time photographer, this class will provide opportunities to hone your digital photography skills.

Digital Photography 2

Grades 10-12, Year-long

Prerequisite: Digital Photography or equivalent

If Digital Photography inspired you, this course will take you deeper into the world of photography, the study of aesthetic and technical theories while at the same time letting you develop a personal photographic vision and style. Students will explore advanced digital camera and image editing software techniques in Adobe PhotoShop CS6, Adobe Bridge and Illustrator. Students will use their own creative expression to implement personal projects that result in a portfolio of quality images. Some course projects include creating photographs for a defined purpose using approved composition and layout techniques, graphic design projects, fashion photography, advertising photography and fine art photography. If you are interested in digital imaging and design this course is for you!

2D Animation

Grades 9-12, Semester-long                                                                                                             

This course provides the student with the basic understanding for the creation of 2D animation and cartooning through the application of traditional techniques, using a computer animation program. Students create layered 2D objects, animate them, produce voice over files in the audio recording studio, lip sync those files to their animated characters, and then render them to video. Topics include all twelve principles of animation.

Video 1

Grades 9-12, Year-long

This course introduces the basics of video production utilizing a personal camcorder, computer-based video editing equipment and a professional audio studio. Students study video technologies, basic equipment operation, video composition, basic lighting and audio production planning, and visual storytelling. Students work in groups to create video projects utilizing post-production editing. Students will explore various film genres (mystery/suspense, science fiction, film noir, etc.) and film theories (auteurism and viewer identification theory) and will acquire a critical vocabulary appropriate to the art form. They will then take the elements of each film genre and produce small films incorporating those elements; writing, filming and editing their original films.

Video 2

Grades 10-12, Year-long

Prerequisite: Video 1 or equivalent
This course focuses on advanced techniques of non-linear editing and filmmaking including the blending of visual effects and animation into video projects. Students study all aspects of digital video from pre-production, production and post-production and explore the responsibilities of crew positions such as camera operator, lighting technician, audio technician, technical director, and program director. Technical concerns as well as creative approaches are addressed. Students will participate in a series of lectures, lessons, in-class exercises, and major video projects.

Video 3

Grades 10-12, Year-long

Prerequisite: Video 1 & 2

In this class, students work together to produce a weekly ten-minute news show that is viewed by the entire school. Students rotate through different jobs, such as: producer, director, tech-director, audio engineer, camera operator, teleprompter and on-screen talent, to learn all aspects of television production.  In addition, they will learn to edit news stories and opening sequences on non-linear computer systems. Although practical skills are taught and assessed, this class also emphasizes leadership, teamwork, planning and public speaking, which are all very marketable in today's economy.  While some students go on to film school and various journalism and communications programs, others find work upon graduation in the growing fields of television and video production.


Grades 9-12, Year-long

Prerequisite: teacher permission required, Digital Photography encouraged
Yearbook is a one-year elective that produces the school yearbook, which will include the traditional printed book as well as multimedia. Members of the staff are expected to have a high level of maturity and the ability to work independently. This is a wonderful opportunity for members of the team to exercise their creativity, while developing new skills in computer design, photography, marketing, budget management, copy writing, and project management. Creating the yearbook is a fun process and the end result of all the effort is a product the students can be proud of long into the future.  Students will be expected to develop skills necessary to effectively produce the yearbook. A strong commitment to meeting deadlines is required, including any necessary weekend or after-school work. The yearbook is a team effort, and good people skills are required. Grading will be based on a rubric that will measure students’ performance in areas including (but not limited to): planning, organization/time management, effort, level of engagement, creativity, skills and attitude. Students will also have the opportunity to design posters, tickets, flyers, and programs for Inspire events.

Art Studio Practicum

Grades 9-12, Year-long

Prerequisite: teacher approval required, and previous art class or concurrently enrolled in an art class at Inspire recommended
This elective course is for students who want to learn the ins and outs of the art studio and want or need extra time to work on their own artwork. Students will aid the teacher in everything from cleaning and organizing the classroom to prepping materials, making recycled clay and loading the kiln. Once all the work and learning is done, students will use any down time to work on their own art. Maximum of 3 students per period.
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