Science Course Descriptions

Integrated Science

Grades 9-12, Year-long

This science course will prepare students for biology, chemistry and physics. Students will use a problem-based approach to investigate selected topics in the environmental, Earth and physical sciences.
This class will combine field and laboratory experiences with an emphasis on data collection, reporting and analysis. Students not taking biology their freshman year should take this course. Meets physical science requirement for graduation.


College Prep, Grades 9-12, Year-long

Prerequisite: Integrated Science, or completion of 8th grade Algebra or Geometry and science with a grade of “A”. Concurrent enrollment in Geometry or Algebra 2, or successful completion of either of these courses with a grade of "C" or better.

Students will study cell biology (biochemistry, cell structure, energy transfer, and usage), genetics, ecology, evolution, microbiology, human biology, plant biology, and physiology. The course includes considerable reading, writing, and laboratory work.


College Prep, Grades 10-12, Year-long
Prerequisite: Completion of Biology with a "C" or better for both semesters, and  concurrent enrollment in Algebra 2 or successful completion of  Algebra 2 with a grade of "C" or better.
This course is designed to allow students to master basic principles of chemistry. Topics covered include atomic structure, bonding, organic chemistry, types of chemical reactions, stoichiometry, thermo chemistry, equilibrium, states of matter, acids and bases, oxidation-reduction, and electrochemistry. Requires 5-7 hours of study per week outside of class.


College Prep, Grades 11-12, Year-long

Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra 2 with a grade of “B” or better. If not concurrently enrolled or completed Math Analysis or completed Chemistry with a “C” or better, teacher approval is required.
An inquiry-based course designed to learn the following concepts of physics: mechanics, heat, energy, waves, sound, light, electricity, relativity, and magnetism.


College Prep, Grades 11-12, Year-long

Prerequisites: Completion of Biology with a “C” or better. If you have not passed Chemistry with a “C” or better, teacher approval is required.
Anatomy/Physiology is intended for the college bound student. Focus will be placed on human anatomy and physiology, as well as some comparative vertebrate physiology. Students will learn about body orientation, basic chemistry, cells and tissues, skin and body membranes, skeletal system, muscular system, nervous system with special senses, endocrine system, circulatory system with blood, body defenses, respiratory system, and digestive system including body metabolism, urinary system, reproduction and comparative dissections.

AP Environmental-P

College Prep, Grades 10-12, Year-long
Prerequisites: completed Chemistry
The goal of the AP Environmental Science course is to provide students with the scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies required to understand the interrelationships of the natural world, to identify and analyze environmental problems both natural and human-made, to evaluate the relative risks associated with these problems, and to examine alternative solutions for resolving or preventing them. Environmental science is interdisciplinary: it embraces a wide variety of topics from different areas of study. Yet there are several major unifying constructs, or themes, that cut across the many topics included in the study of environmental science.
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