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Description of our school and philosophy:

Inspire is a collaboration between teachers, parents, students and community members, dedicated to creating a school that empowers students to explore and discover their personal talents and passions.  It is our goal that Inspire students graduate with a vision of their future, motivating them to succeed in post secondary education and in their future careers.
Our faculty and staff bring years of experience in creating and implementing successful educational programs that provide students with smaller, more personalized learning environments.  We know that students learn best when they see connections between classroom instruction, their own personal passions and skills, and their academic and career futures. Inspire's instructional strategies and curriculum reveal those important connections, motivating our students to succeed.

Here's how Inspire makes that possible: (Schoolwide Goals)

A Balanced Curriculum of Challenging Academic Courses and Deep, Rich Performing Arts, Fine Arts and Science/Engineering Pathway Programs:

At their core, both art and science are about discovery.  Because our goal is to help our students discover their own unique talents and personal passions, the arts and sciences are a dual lens through which students are challenged to view their learning and their experiences. Students are challenged to apply scientific concepts, as well as the knowledge and skills they develop in their pathway programs, to real-world problems and issues.

Inspire's curriculum is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need for success in college and careers. In addition to a comprehensive range of UC-approved courses in all academic areas, Inspire students explore their interests through academic electives such as Ethics, Integrated Science, or Cultural Geography. Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in a number of curricular areas. Mentorships and internships are being developed which will allow juniors and seniors to explore areas of interest in more depth. Inspire students are encouraged to concurrently enroll in college courses at California State University Chico or Butte College.

Blending Personalization With Rigor: Our Approach

Inspire has established Ten Core Principles which serve as the foundation from which program development occurs.  These Core Principles facilitate the blending of personalization with rigor. Inspire's instructional design incorporates features that have been shown to be effective in helping students learn. These include:

  • A personalized environment where students are well-known by adults in the school
  • A rigorous curriculum, with high expectations for all students and an explicit focus on college preparation
  • A structure and curriculum which supports the development of both the head and heart
  • A strong connection with the community and local neighborhood
  • A strong connection to local institutions of higher learning
  • A learning environment that is physically and emotionally safe and nurturing
  • A system of academic support to enable all students to attain the curriculum
  • Enrichment opportunities for all students
  • Service-learning, internships, and mentorships
  • Parent involvement